BGift Online Shop

We are a company in Germany, which has an e-commerce web page, store and workshop, making an effort to present our manual labor to the use of people in the context of remembering and making people happy on this road we started 3 years ago.

Our Goal

Our goal is to spread our store, which is 1 store for now, to other European cities and to introduce special presentations to everywhere in this way. Currently, we are serving as an online shop in Germany, Belgium, Austria, France and England.

Our Motto

Speed, trust and quality are the main motto and vision of our company … It is our most important heading in order to make people happy even though life is difficult in Europe when manual labor is costly.

Our Vision

Our rosaries consist of original and generally natural stones. Thanks to the construction and workmanship of such prayer beads, which require a lot of effort, they have entered the luxury products category.

Our Mission

Trust is a concrete concept that overlaps with actions. However, we facilitate this with today’s technology with visual support, and we reinforce it with our store in Germany and our company established here.

Our Principle

Quality is one of the most important choices for us … We add difference and love with our view as buying or producing each product. We can state that we are very assertive in this regard with our production area in a family environment.

Quality, Diversity and Satisfaction

We never compromise on these rules. We demand more than what we desire for ourselves, for our customers. We aim to achieve your satisfaction by decorating the quality with our diversity and various products in line with your desires.

What can we do for you?

BGift is a company operating in Germany and provides cargo service to all European countries. We also assist our customers who want to order from countries outside of Europe, if they contact us.

You can buy our products from our website You can also order by phone, via Whatsapp and Facebook.

No, you do not have to be a member to order from our website and you can easily order without being a member.

The preparation time of orders (excluding special orders) is approximately 1 business day. We ship our products via DHL and Deutsche Post, average delivery times are 1-2 business days for Germany and 3-5 business days for European countries. However, cargo companies inform us that these periods may extend up to 10 working days under certain conditions.

We prepare our products in Germany and ship them all over Europe.

Yes, you can order products (material, color, size, etc.) that you want to be designed specifically for you by contacting us.